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With the resources and partnerships that we have at hand, our team is delivery innovative solutions meet your company’s goals and to achieve your missions.
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Trusted by major government & Contracting ORGANIZATIONS, such as:
Program MGMT.
Identity mgmt.

Acquisition Support

Supply Chain • Cradle to Grave
We take a cradle to grave (C2G) approach for managing supply chain risk by identifying, assessing, and mitigating threats, vulnerabilities, and disruptions to the supply chain from beginning to end to ensure mission effectiveness. Our holistic approach means that every aspect of even the most complex project goes smoothly, accurately, and according to plan.

Logistics and Transportation Management

Logistics Compliance • Backoffice Solutions
We work with Trucking and Transportation companies to innovate, develop, and implement their strategic plan to optimum their performance threshold and increase their effectiveness. We help them stay in compliance with the Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association and other federal and state agencies laws and policies by offering quality Administrative and Logistics Backoffice solutions.

Program Management

Lean Six Sigma • Agile SAFe
We utilize Agile methodology and Lean Six Sigma quality management tools to complete every project accurately and to our client’s standards and specifications. We have Green Belt, Agile SAFe, and Scrum Master certified managers ensuring that metrics are established, outputs are measurable, and processes are continuously improved.

Identity Management

Fingerprinting • Background Checks
Kimoz is partnered with Print Scan who is one of 23 companies in the US contracted by the FBI as an Approved Channeler for fingerprinting background checks. If your organization is allowed or required to conduct fingerprint-based background checks, Kimoz is equipped to help you complete this process with a seamless, convenient, and modern candidate experience. Kimoz can also collect and process electronic fingerprints for Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), and Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) agencies. Other services we offer are I-9 verification and FBI Apostille, Drug & Alcohol and DNA testing.

Detailed Experience

Here's a High-Level Overview of What We Have Accomplished

Joint Force Headquarters – National Capital Region (JFHQNCR)/
Military District of Washington (MDW)

Project Management/ Logistics & Transportation - Led planning and coordination of logistics and transportation for civilians and military personnel attending high-profile events, including the 59th Presidential Inaugurations.

Project Management/ Logistics & Transportation - Collaborated with federal, local, and state officials to successfully plan, coordinate, and execute the 2020 White House ‘Salute to America event.

Logistics & Transportation - During COVID-19 pandemic streamlined logistics processes for over 500 personnel and equipment to ensure compliance with federal and local policies for public safety.

Department of Homeland Security

Project Management/Acquisition - Successfully executed 15 contracts from cradle to grave for multi-year technology projects valued at over $300M without delay. Ensured performance according to contract specifications (scope of work), quality standards, budget, and schedule, and submitted timely reports of technical progress against performance metrics.

Program Executive Office (PEO) Enterprise Information System

Project Management - Efficaciously repaired failing inventory management processes by reorganizing and streamlining property book operations to maximize inventory lifespan, eliminate duplicate purchases, and reduce costs; migrated data from legacy to updated system. Increasing the organization’s funding by 20% and reduced overspending by $150M per year.

Project Management - Authored overarching command supply discipline program and property accountability SOPs, establishing inventory control enhancements to reduce cost and waste and optimize procurement strategies, resulting in a net savings of $385M+.

Acquisition - Maintained and performed data input in utilizing material resource planning (MRP) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) output, supporting material management and $3B in equipment.

Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army (IPPS-A)

Acquisition/ Project Management - Manage planning, programming, budgeting, and execution (PPBE) of $29m annual acquisition lifecycle budget.

Led planning and coordination of logistics, operations, training, and deployment and organizational change management and strategic communication activities to resolve complex mission-critical problems in preparation of IPPS-A Inc. Release 3, for 1.1M Army users.

Military Experience

Logistics & Transportation - Developed and executed theater transportation plan to move over 180,000 truckloads from Kuwait to Iraq using combined contracted and military carrier platforms with organic transportation assets; maximized backhaul opportunities, resulting in time and cost savings of over $350M.

Logistics & Transportation
- Led 200-member transportation team in Iraq/Kuwait, coordinating transportation support for logistics, services, supplies, and other support for 26,000+ US Forces, 15,000 coalition forces, and 11,000 pieces of equipment.

Project Management - Planned, coordinated, and executed transfer of $300M+ new equipment to US Forces deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Project Management - Developed Army Management system and strategy for life cycle management and tracking of 284,000 containers, resulting in cost savings of over $2.5B.

Project Management/Acquisition - Developed negotiation strategy to upgrade C17 aircraft; procured $5.5M contract to initiate upgrade.

Drug & Alcohol Testing
- As a certified Unit Prevention Leader for Army units’ regulation planned, coordinated, and executed 10% random urinalysis testing for the unit’s assigned end strength each month and at the end of each fiscal year in accordance with Army regulation.

Identity Management
- As the United States Army Transportation School Security Manager, used the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) to verify and validate over 500 personnel security clearance.

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