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Heavy Highway (HVUT) Form 2290

The 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is a filing required for those with a GVWR of 55,000 lbs. or greater. This is an annual tax that is due to be renewed in the beginning of July of each year. Our Legal department will complete the filing on your behalf. After purchase you will be sent a request of information email that will ask for the information required for us to complete the filing. Our filing cost is $50, after which the actual tax due can be up to $550. but is typically prorated depending on the time of year that it is being filed.

We will file your form 2290 also known as the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax with the IRS. Required if your gross weight is OVER 55K. This fee does NOT include the IRS. You will receive a separate invoice with the balance due to the IRS fee, as it is determined by the month you purchase & move your CMV.  Price is PER CMV.

**Reminder that this is REQUIRED to be filed YEARLY by 8/31**


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